Creative Minds: Trying to Curb Those Sugar Cravings


Creative Minds Trying to Curb hose Sugar Cravings

It’s that time of year again: holiday parties and family feasts! One of the most frequently made—and most often broken—New Year’s resolutions is to follow a sensible diet. All goes well until you catch sight of a cupcake or smell some cookies fresh out of the oven. Sensory cues trigger cravings that crumble resolve and, … Read More

Three from MIT win NIH grants

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Boyden, Ting and Tye receive grants for innovative medical research. Three MIT faculty members have been awarded National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants designed to promote innovative biomedical research. The Institute’s recipients of these NIH grants are Edward Boyden, an associate professor of biological engineering and brain and cognitive sciences; Alice Ting, the Ellen Swallow … Read More

With NIH grant, Kay Tye will take on obesity

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The MIT professor has earned a 2013 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award to further her obesity research. MIT assistant professor of neuroscience Kay M. Tye has studied the brain circuits underlying addiction, anxiety and depression — major problems to the health of individuals and society. Now she wants to apply her training, and her own … Read More